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Selling online is fantastic. From receiving your "ping" on your email telling you somebody has sent an instant payment to you, to dispatching the goods is fine. Then comes the dreaded email..... " just unpacked the box and it is damaged..what do I do? "

The problem with lots of items is that the packaging is not designed to withstand the boxes being thrown about by the couriers. They are fine whilst packed tightly in a container on the high seas as there is very little movement. Once the supplier receives the containers they are carefully unpacked and their distribution is by pallets, which again prevent them being tossed about. The danger time for damages is when the courier collects them from you for delivery.

As part of the DROPSHIP4YOU   service we open each package delivered to us, firstly to check for damage but more importantly to gauge whether the item may need extra packaging. We have our own state of the art machine which creates air filled cushions in 9 different sizes including corner protection.

The idea of packaging is to protect the goods in transit so they reach your customer in the same condition as they were dispatched. Air cushions are ideal for this purpose and are fast becoming the main choice for filling the voids in the product box.This is because air cushions provide exceptional shock resisting qualities. On impact the cushions absorb shocks over their whole surface and give more protection than traditional packaging, bouncing back to hold the product securely. Of course not every box will require extra packing but our trained dispatchers will do so as necessary.  This will certainly cut down on the dreaded "received damaged" email but we cannot guarantee this, and sometimes it may still happen.

When sending glass or ceramic type items, where possible we will pack the original box inside another box to give double protection to the item, but please be aware we will NOT cover breakages of these items and you do send these  entirely at your own risk.

As part of our repackaging we are quite happy to include in the box a invoice for your customer from your self, simply email us the invoice on your own letterhead and we will print off a copy for insertion in the box. We are also quite happy to include any flyers or sales literature you may wish to give your customers. This service is free to members.