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Throughout our Terms and Conditions the following applies : The use of the word "Supplier" refers to any company supplying goods to Dropship4you, ie Hills and PD Global. The use of the word "The Trader" refers to the person or company who is paying or ordering from Dropship4you either goods or services. The use of the word "The Customer " refers to the person or company purchasing or ordering from the Trader.
  1. Dropship4You agrees to purchase from the Supplier on the Traders behalf any goods requested by the Trader on condition that the Trader has deposited sufficient funds beforehand with Dropship4You, to carry out such  transaction and that the Trader has good reason to believe that the Supplier has such goods available.
  2.  At all times the Traders contract regarding purchase of such goods remains between the Trader and the Dropship4You.
  3. It is the Traders responsibility to ensure that any such goods supplied by the Supplier is of merchantable quality and is fit for the purpose intended.
  4. No returns of the goods will be accepted by Dropship4You from the Trader under any circumstances whatsoever.
  5. The Trader will be responsible at all times for communicating with their Customer and shall give the Customer his contact details both by email and by telephone.
  6. The Trader shall not give the Customer any contact details whatsoever for Dropship4You.
  7. Dropship4You will have no contact with the Customer and will not be involved in any communication whatsoever with the customer. It is the Traders responsibility to settle any disputes or problems that may arise from the Customers purchase. Dropship4You will arrange delivery to the Customer on the Traders behalf, no specific date or time can be guaranteed. This will be via a courier / delivery service, of DropshipforYou choice. The courier / delivery service are responsible to contact the Customer, normally by text / Telephone to inform the customer of delivery date. 
  8. All goods delivered or collected from the Supplier ie Hills or PD Global on the Traders behalf will be checked at Dropship4You warehouse and any damages found will be notified to the Supplier by Dropship4You for replacements, prior to dispatching the item to your Customer.
  9. Once any goods are collected from Dropship4You warehouse for delivery to a Customer ALL RISK PASSES TO THE TRADER. The Couriers and Delivery companies will NOT accept claims for damages or lost items as they view the Company (Dropship4You) to be sending out parcels on behalf of a third party (the Trader)
  10. Whilst Dropship4You will take every care in dispatching goods WE will not be responsible in anyway or for whatever reason if damage or missing items occur. The amount of repackaging of items will be at the express decision of Dropship4You and no responsibility will be accepted for damage whether repackaged or not.
  11. The sending of Glass, Ceramic or items with glass / ceramic content (such as photo frames) or similar very Fragile items is not recommended.
  12. Dropship4You will not be liable for any loss of profits to the Trader by non or late delivery of any item.
  13. Should Dropship4You dispatch a wrong item to the customer it will pay all costs to collecting wrong items and delivering the correct item to the Customer on condition that the Trader has filled in the order form with the correct Suppliers model no and a brief description. Dropship4you will not be responsible for wrong delivery if the Trader has filled in wrong details or not used the official Drospship4You order form.
  14. Dropship4You do NOT check clocks, lamps or any form of lighting to ensure they work. We will NOT pay the return delivery costs for these items if they arrive at your customer faulty. Hill Interiors will exchange the product but the delivery costs will be borne by the Trader.
  15. The Trader will be responsible for cost of organising disposal or collection of damaged goods from the customers premises.
  16. If the Trader decides to offer discount to his / her Customer to encourage Customer to accept and retain damaged goods, that is fully at Traders discretion and no contribution from Dropship4You will be considered.
  17. Dropship4You will not process any back orders for any items unless they show a confirmed Due date on the suppliers website, Orders will be accepted within a one week window with a positive stock feed.
  18. If the Trader places an order and pays for this in Full, and the Customer then changes their mind due to eg. stock availability. Dropship4You will only issue the trader with a Credit Note. (no expiry date as long as the trader stays with Dropship4You).

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